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Tactile Push Button Switch Car Remote Control Keys Button Touch Microswitch

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Brand Name:WNRE

Place of Origin:ZHE

Model Number:Tact



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Momentary tact switch Specifications

Temp:-50 ~80
Cycle time >100000 times
Long life span, durable.
Wide application.
Brand new and high quality.
Used in the fields of electronic products, household appliances and more.
Illuminated tact switch touch switch is waterproof, prevent oil, anti-pollution, anti-static interference.
Good electrical Conductivity.
Compact and light weight, easy to carry and dismantling.
Applications: TV, Audio equipment, Video recorders, Cameras, Computers, Game consoles, Fax machines,Walkie-talkie, Batons, Machine tool control unit, Photocopying,Printers
We also provide tactile push buttons alps tact switch micro tact switch smd push button tact switch.
Push button to the operating direction with force the circuit closed. Push off the circuit opens.Product features: use standard copper parts which are dust-proof, anti-corrosion, strong conductivity, high sensitivity, long service life, wear-resistant, good electrical insulation, high-quality material, excellent impact resistance and vibration resistance.

The life test method is to test the opening and closing times until it is damaged. If not manually, a small motor can drive the eccentric opening and closing switch, and a counter can be used to record the times.  The height not included the terminal, height=shaft length+base thickness. EX. Part no.6X6X5, means base length 6 witch 6 base 3.5+shaft 1.5

Snap-in Type TACT Switch

Series Operation feeling Mount type Dimensions (W×D×H) Features
SKHL Sharp feeling Snap-in Top push: 6×3.5×4.3/5mm
Side push: 7.3×7.22×4.3mm
SKHH Sharp feeling Snap-in Top push: □6×4.3/5/7/9.5/13/17mm
Joint stem: □6×7.3mm
Side push:
SKHW Sharp feeling Snap-in □6×4.3/5mm Dust-proof type
SKQJ Sharp feeling Snap-in Top push: □6.6×5/7/9.5mm
Side push: 7.5×7.85×7.3mm
Dust-proof type
SKQB Sharp feeling Snap-in Top push: □10×5/13/23.2mm
Side push: 11.5×11.9×11.3mm
Water-proof & Dust-proof Type
SKQE Sharp feeling Snap-in Joint stem: □12×7.3mm
Flat stem: □12×4.3mm
Dust-proof type
Long life
SKHC Sharp feeling Snap-in Joint stem: □12×7.3mm
Flat stem: □12×4.3mm
SKPF Soft feeling Snap-in 8×9×10mm High operating force

Surface Mount Type TACT Switch


Operation feeling Mount type Dimensions (W×D×H)


SKSH Sharp feeling Surface mount 3.3×2.9×0.35mm Low-profile
SKRW Sharp feeling Surface mount □3.7×0.35mm Low-profile
SKRM Sharp feeling Surface mount □4.5×0.4mm Low-profile
SKRB Sharp feeling Surface mount □4.8×0.55mm Low-profile
SKRR Sharp feeling Surface mount 7.5×7×0.6mm Low-profile
Long life
SKQG Sharp feeling Surface mount □5.2×1.5mm Low-profile

Offering information

1.Samples Lead time:3-10days
2.Samples cost: Samples are free but buyer pay freight fee
1.producing capacity 50k/week
A.Lead time volume Qty 10-25days less than 100k
15-30days less than 200k
2.Samples Qty:5-50pcs
3.Volume Qty:
Estimated volume quantities
The estimated year quantity for this parts

Package:Neutral packing or print your band on carton
100pcs/bag bags/carton

Payment Terms:Paypal(less than 300$) T/T L/C at sight
Currency: US dollar. RMB.etc

Shipping ways: Express(DHL UPS Fedex) by sea by air freight

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