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Rj11 Connectors Modular Jack Socket rj11 Telephone Cable

Short Description:

Model Number:rj11 55-4P4C-H15mm

Connector type:RJ11 modular Connector

Voltage Rating: 125Vac RMS

Current Rating:1.5AMP

Insulation Resistance:500mΩ Min

Contact Resistance:30mΩ Max

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage : 1000Vac RMS 50Hz 1MIN

Durrability:750 cycles min

Insetion Force:2.2Kgf max

Operation Temprature:-40°C t0 70°C

Storage Temprature:-40°C t0 85°C

Product Detail

Product Tags

Connector  Type RJ11 modular jack Withstanding Voltage AC 1000V/min
Insulation Resistance 500mΩ Min Contact Resistance 30mΩ Max
Number of ports 1*1 Number of contacts 2,4,6 or 8
Mechanical Life 750 cycles min Application telephone communication
Model Number rj11-641d100 / rj11-616e / rj11-641d60 / rj11-641d40 / rj11-623k / rj11-616m / rj11-616e /
rj11-623d /rj11-641d115 / rj11-616d / 523A with cable

Product Information

Product Description:
The RJ11 interface is similar to the RJ45 interface, but only has 4 pins (RJ45 has 8 pins). In computer systems, RJ11 is mainly used to connect the modem.

Product Differences:
The difference between RJ11 and RJ45: different standards, different sizes (RJ11 has 6P6C\6P4C\4P4C\4P2C, where C represents the number of gold needles in the crystal head; Eight RJ45 p8c).

RJ11 is 4 or 6 pin and RJ45 is 8 pin connection device. Due to the difference in size, it is obvious that the RJ45 plug cannot be inserted into the RJ11 jack. The reverse is physically possible because the RJ11 plug is smaller than the RJ45 jack, thus giving the illusion that the two should or could work together. Actually, it's not. It is strongly recommended not to use the RJ11 plug for the RJ45 jack.

Because RJ11 is not standardized, its dimensions, insertion force, insertion Angle, etc. are not consistent with standard connector design requirements, thus interoperability cannot be guaranteed. They even cause damage to both. Since the RJ11 plug is smaller than the RJ45 jack, the plastic parts on both sides of the plug will damage the metal pins in the inserted jack.

Product drawing

C:UsershzpDesktop616E4X100 Model (1)


1. Audio / Video product:MP3, MP4, DVD, stereo system
2. Digital devices: digital camera, digital video
3. Remote control: Vehicle, rolling door, Home security products
4. Communication products: mobiles, car telephone, telephone, building equipment, PDA etc.
5.Household Appliances: TV, microwave oven, electric cooker, electric hair drier, electronic scale, Body Fat &Water Scale, Kitchen Scale.
6. Security Products: Videophone, Monitor etc.
7. Toy: electronic toy etc.
8. Computer products: Camera, recording pen etc.
9. Fitness equipment: running machine, massage chair, timer etc.
10. Medical Equipment: sphygmomanometer, thermometer, the hospital call system and other similar products.

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